Balazs Csaba Nèmethy

DP History

I am a skilled and experienced IB educator with the ability to teach, motivate and guide students while maintaining high level of interest and achievement. I am an IB DP Teacher of History, IB Examiner in History, Head of Humanities Department, Teacher of History and Social Studies (MA, distinction, QTS), Teacher of English Language and Literature (MA, distinction, QTS), who is capable of effectively communicating with culturally diverse students. I believe that schools are the foundation of every healthy society due to their key role in creating values and forming communities. Maintaining excellent relations with students, parents and faculty is of paramount importance to me. I am self-motivated with strong planning. I can build a sense of confidence in my students together with passion for history and English language. As an experienced educator with substantial IB experience I can effectively contribute to the academic and emotional success of my students by making them aware of their potentials, imparting in-depth knowledge, motivating them and facilitating their critical and analytical thinking. Developing an understanding of cultural diversity is vital to me. I regard my profession as a lifelong vocation.