Alejandro Garcia Rosselli

DP Physics | DP Mathematics

DP Physics

I’ve been teaching Physics for the last 23 years. I’ve helped hundreds of students to walk their paths towards a successful result in their examinations. My experience as an IB Physics teacher began in 2009, and since then, I have gained a profound experience in the difficulties that students tend to have while struggling with the subject.

Being also an IB Physics examiner for Paper 2 has granted me the opportunity to gain an even more detailed view of the most common misconceptions that students from around the globe tend to carry with them when sitting for an examination.
I am a passionate teacher that thinks that every new concept, idea, and goal must be seen through my students’ eyes. I believe that is the only way of establishing a genuine teacher-student connection. As a teacher, this is my strongest skill: the ability to establish a deep connection to the students’ point of view. Each student’s guidance takes this as essential information so that each new concept and idea fits in its proper place within the structure.

I can easily identify students’ doubts, misconceptions, and difficulties experienced while studying. Throughout the years, I have acquired vast knowledge of not only how each concept, each procedure, and each idea are evaluated but also how students tend to respond. Sharing this information with my students has increased their results exponentially.