Individual IB MYP and DP sessions

WINSme Tutoring 1:1 will offer students crucial support in the chosen MYP or DP subject and a pleasant learning experience thanks to our selected, distinguished IB teachers who:

  • Hold outstanding teaching records
  • Have extensive experience in online teaching and learning
  • Exhibit mastery of their subject
  • Are experienced IB educators
  • Many of them are IB examiners, and authors of published IB DP educational materials


    Our OneToOne offer

    IB MYP and DP subjects, with IB top teachers

    Formula Online GoogleMeet®

    60 minutes teaching and support materials for € 65,00/session

    Right to Education Initiative

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    Only 5 easy steps to book your OneToOne session in real-time!

    1. Select the language of instruction
    2. Select the subject
    3. Choose your tutor
    4. Access to the teacher’s real-time calendar
    5. Confirm your booking

    Upon completed purchase, you’ll receive a confirmation email and login credentials to access your OneToOne lesson.

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