History & Innovation

WINSme is the Revision Courses and OneToOne platform for the IB Middle Years and Diploma Programme.

WINS and WINSme are committed to providing IB students with the highest educational standards to support and empower their academic success. This is made possible thanks to the extensive experience in delivering the IB Programmes, and selected outstanding IB teachers.

The ambition and mastery embodied within WINSme Revision Courses & OneToOne have given rise to the launch of an exciting study programme, offered in two languages, English and Spanish. The extensive programs are, in fact, available for MYP and DP students who attend schools that have chosen English or Spanish as their official language of instruction.


Purpose of courses

Success in any area comes from preparation, and targeted revision can hugely impact students’ predicted grades (DP year 1) and final IB exams (DP year 2).

WINSme Revision Courses will offer crucial support and a pleasant learning experience shared with students from the IB world in our stimulating and recognised learning community. The courses are run in English and Spanish, based on the two different curricula.

Distinguished IB DP Teachers

Thanks to WINS’ extensive mastery of delivering the IB programmes, WINSme benefits from highly experienced IB DP teachers and workshop leaders, committed to the academic success of each student in their professional care. All of WINSme educators master their subject and related language of instruction.

Campus & Services

WINSme boasts a Campus extending over 8,500 square meters, located just 20 minutes from Turin city centre. Its comprehensive facilities include the boarding house, an auditorium with over 120 seats, a 2,000 square meter outdoor area, a football pitch, an indoor 10m x  20m indoor swimming pool, a fully equipped gym, and chemistry & biology labs.

During their stay, students will also benefit from:

    • Medical assistance
    • Guard service
    • Libraries, music and art rooms
    • Free wifi connection
    • In-house meals

Torino – Italy

Turin is the regional capital city of Piedmont in northern Italy, known for its refined Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Neo-classical, and Art Nouveau architecture, as well as for its traditional and exquisite cuisine. 

The Alps that rise to the northwest of the city represent an incredible backdrop and a handy opportunity to reach prestigious ski sites like Sestriere, Courmayeur, and Bardonecchia.